Our Maintenance Control Program (MCP) was developed by one of our owners, an Elevator Mechanic with decades of experience maintaining, repairing, modernizing and installing elevator equipment. Washington State requires periodic maintenance of conveyances. The MCP's we have developed meet the strict requirements of ANSI as well as State and Local codes.

MCP's are tailored to each individual conveyance. Individual logs and requirements are adjusted as necessary based on the observations of our field mechanics and Service Manager. It is designed to give the elevator technicians, the elevator owner and the inspecting authorities an accurate, complete and easy to follow record of all maintenance, testing, inspections and repairs.

* Competitively priced without sacrificing quality.

* Experienced in Maintaining Equipment.

* 24/7 Phone Monitoring.

* Flexible Contracts.

Sales/Office Manager
Mary Richards: (509) 828-8030